Kittanning Pa – According to the police, the main factor causing the death of the Pennsylvania man was alcohol that led to the crash as he was riding on an all-terrain vehicle. Meanwhile, his friend will be charged with DUI drunken driving while he was on his ATV.

The suspect, identified as Sidney Ford, age 47 was filed charges Saturday after police was able to investigate the crash that killed his friend, David Jason Toy, age 39.

Police learned that Toy, a resident of West Franklin Twp, was not wearing a helmet. He died from head injuries after state police discovered that he crashed while riding with Ford about 5:40 o’clock that Saturday afternoon.

State police said that Toy was driving ahead of Ford and crashed into a tree, where Ford was seen by his friend after a while. Police stated that Ford and Toy had been drinking.

Charges filed against Ford were: (1) with drunken driving; and (2) illegally  operating an ATV on a city road.

A man from Armstrong County died after his vehicle for unknown reason swerved away from the road and crashed into a tree that afternoon of Saturday.

Toy was driving along Church Rd. in the Twp. of North Buffalo when the wreck took place at a little after 5:40 o’clock in the afternoon.

According to the coroner, Toy from West Franklin Twp., was pronounced dead at the scene due to blunt-force trauma on his chest and head. His death was ruled an accident.

State police confirmed that Toy was not wearing a helmet and was riding the same way with Sidney Ford, age 47, when he drove ahead of Ford and crashed into a tree. Police stated that both men had been drinking.

Ford, resident of Cadogan, was being charged with DUI and illegally operating an ATV on a state road.

Reports from studies made with the Administration of the National Highway Traffic Safety of the U.S. Department of Transportation, motor riders are 35 times more prone to be part of a fatal road accident than those in other vehicles.

About half of fatalities due to motorcycle accident involved at least one other vehicle. Wearing a helmet can mean life or death for a motorcycle rider.

Possible causes of a motor vehicle accident: (1) poor weather conditions; (2) not using a turn signal; (3) splitting the lane, which means that a motorcyclist is driving between two lanes; (4) inattention to traffic conditions; (5) ignoring traffic signs; (6) not following speed limitations; (7) driving on the wrong side of the road; (8) failure to see another motorcyclist due to glare or other view obstructions; (9) a newbie motorists; (10) riding while DUI; (11) defects in vehicle; (12) defective roadways; and (13) intentional hostile actions.

The primary reason for motorcycle accidents is that vehicle has very little protection to offer when a collision occurs. Wearing helmets can be life savers but they are not strong enough to prevent life- threatening head injuries.

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