As a Pittston man, age 36, was passing through the drive-through of Wayne Bank  at the Stroud Mall last Tuesday, a when a concrete overhanging weighing 17-ton dropped on his utility truck. It pinned his right leg and trapped him inside his vehicle for more than an hour until emergency crews extricated him.

Shucosky who was identified as the victim said that he was calling for help all the while. The victim was helping install traffic signals and street lights along the area. He was admitted at the Lehigh Valley Hospital and will soon be released.

Shucosky was a Luzerne County native and was an employee for eight years in Wyoming’s Western Electric and Signal, a subcontractor used by Kuharchik Construction in Exeter.

Tuesday afternoon at a few minutes after 4:00 o’clock, Shucosky was installing control cabinets for traffic lights beside the Wayne Bank parking lot with their working crew.

As his truck entered the drive-through, he heard a noise and suddenly something heavy was on top of him. The concrete overhang later estimated by police to weigh about a loaded school bus, fell into the bucket truck’s hood and windshield.

Due to the weight, the dashboard and steering wheel were driven down onto Shucosky’s right leg and it was pinned causing his foot on the gas pedal, to be twisted to one side.

After more than one hour, trucks for construction boom and wreckers that were heavy-duty easily lifted and removed the concrete slab from the truck’s bucket. It took the firefighters and ambulance crews more than 20 minutes to extricate Shucosky out of the wreck.

He was delivered by an ambulance to a waiting helicopter and was airlifted to the Trauma Unit of Lehigh Valley Hospital.

He was not able to see his leg until he was at the hospital. He saw that the ankle was black, blue and swollen. The doctors told him that he had a bad sprain.

Shucosky was kept in the hospital overnight to allow the inflammation to subside after which they took X-rays Wednesday to ascertain that there are no bone breaks or fractures. He was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

He was informed that he will take a week off from work and do keep off from driving. Meantime, his leg is bandaged and he walks using crutches. He was advised to slowly put pressure back on his body.

After he got out of the hospital, Shucoksy went back to the accident site to talk with Ruben Torres and Ken Palmer who are Stroud Area Regional Police accident specialists in reconstruction. Authorities are investigating the cause of the incident.

He said that until now he is wondering what went wrong that piece of concrete to fall.

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Source: Fire House Com