Fawn Township — A local family is suffering from a great loss when a loved one who just went out for a walk was run over by a car.

The victim identified as John Walters was walking the same path every day, but on this tragic time, he never returned home. Today, after more than two months he passed away, his family and dozens of friends bonded near the crash site to complete the unfinished walk for John that day  cialis generique europe.

This was their special memorial that was called John’s Journey.

It was June 11 when Walters was killed in the Fawn Twp on while he was walking along a daily path which on that particular day turned deadly.

Debbie Walters, who was John’s wife, recounted that when he left for his walk that morning, he said he will only be gone for a while and to prepare breakfast when he returns. Those were the last words she heard from her husband.

Sixty-two years old Walter then left home walking along the side Howes Run Road when he was killed by an 18-year-old driver on the way.

So that Saturday night, his family and friends decided to complete Walters’ unfinished walk on that intended path that day, which was a distance of a two miles.

Kerri Lobaugh, the victim’s daughter, said that it was the best thing that ever happened. She felt that her dad just needed to be brought home after completing his walk.

The idea came from his Walter’s brother, Ed, who said that his brother during his walks filled the hearts of so many he spoke with during his decade of walking along the path. He said that his brother talked to people when he walked, so he met a lot of people. It was great to just see that many people joined them.

Debbie believed that with each step they were walking towards some sort of closure for John’s spirit is still there.

As of date, no charges have been filed against the driver as officials of the County said that the case is still under investigation.

After the tragedy, a white tennis shoe was seen in the middle of Howes Run Road as a grim reminder of the tragic passing of to 62-year-old John Walters.

Fawn Township Police recalled that it was around 10:00 o’clock in the morning when Walters was walking along the right-hand side of the road before stepping out in the middle of the street. In a matter of seconds, a driver was passing through and hitting Walters.

The driver of the car that hit Walters was on his way to work and has not driven more than a half mile away before the fatal accident. Police mentioned that the driver, who is under 18, called 911 and tried to help Walters.

Chief Tim Mayberry of Fawn Twp. said that the driver who hit the victim started performing CPR on him that he himself assisted but he was pronounced DOAA in the hospital.

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