Marshall Twp. Pa. — A pile-up accident along I-79 north of Marshall Twp caused a serious traffic jam last Thursday afternoon. Several vehicles caused the mishap and the good news is that there was no report of any injury.

It resulted to a traffic backed up covering several miles; however, all lanes reopened at around 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. But the traffic was very slow.

Officials advised motorists to be cautious in passing the area, as vehicles were crowding even on the shoulder of the interstate.

Investigation of the pile-up accident is on-going.

A few months ago, another multi-car accident happened in Philadelphia of two pileups which started when tractor-trailers and several cars blocked one side of Pennsylvania Turnpike that was ice-coated. At least around 30 people were injured that also tied and up traffic for miles.

The crashes at the east side were reported at around after 8:00 o’clock that morning that happened to be the rush hour. Since there was an ongoing storm, speed restrictions put in place had been lifted at 6:00 o’clock that morning. Motorists during this rush-hour motorists reported that the roadway was very slippery and inquired if the road had been adequately treated.

The accidents caused hours-long traffic backup between the Willow Grove and Bensalem exits that motorists turned off their engines to con Several vehicles serve gas.

Chuck Wacker, age 53, resident of Plymouth, counted more than 30 smashed-up vehicles around him but he was pleased to see people were sharing food and water. He said that cars were spinning around as gas tanks were cracked open and glass and plastic littered the road.

Turnpike spokesperson, Bill Capone said that around 30 people were injured but none were believed to be serious. Medical staff of Abington Memorial Hospital and St. Mary Medical Center that treated the injured stated that all injuries were minor.

The decision to dispense the speed restrictions was due to the condition of the road at that time. Many motorists described the highway as icy and slippery which seemed to have aggravated the accident.

Operator Santillo said that he kept his speed at 40 to 45 mph, but he noticed that motorists were passing him at 65 or 70. He said such speed is dangerous when driving through icy and slippery roads.

Another motorist, David Hill, age 27, said he that accidents were inevitable as he felt that the road felt like solid ice. .

Despite being struck for several hours on the road, many motorists trapped in the traffic jam were mostly taking their predicament in stride. They shared food and water; Santillo, who had a dozen doughnuts he was taking to work, distributed them to his fellow motorists instead.

Pa. SW American Red Cross volunteers congregated at the scene to bring food, water and blankets to stranded motorists.

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