CLINTON TWP., Pa. – After the police investigated a crash between a car and a bear, they are now giving out their report.

The Franklin State police released details on a car vs. bear crash which happen early part of this week at Clinton Township.

According to the police the accident took place at 9:40 in the evening on Sept. 26 when a bear decided to enter Rt. 208. The bear was walking along the road where 40-year-old Alan K. Heller of Franklin was driving his Ford 2010 Explorer.

Police said that the front part of Heller’s vehicle hit the bear.

Recorded in the NHTSA each year are 173 deadly crashes and 12,000 injuries caused by accidents with animals. In a study made by the Insurance Institute for Highway, they discovered that the most common animal crashes involved deer, cattle, horses and dogs and one case of a collision with bear.  Most human injuries resulting from animal collisions happened not when animals are struck but by the crash that follows. And by using seatbelts in cars and helmets on motorcycles, accident fatalities can be minimized.

The following are defensive driving tips to avoid hitting an animal on the road. Be vigilant in passing area where animals are likely to be found. If it is night time, rely on your high-beam lights to watch for animals on the road. Slow down and blow your horn with one long blast to warn animals away from the road. Brake firmly when an animal comes directly in your path. Do not swerve as it can confuse the animal on which direction to run. Keep control of your wheel and be careful not to hit a tree or other cars.

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