Imagine attending more than two dozen road accidents! Bucks County first-responders spent a busy Friday attending to a series of vehicular accidents.

According to Bucks County emergency dispatch stated that it was not an isolated case as 31 other accidents were reported throughout the county starting from 5:00 o’clock that morning until 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon of Friday. Police said that there were two most critical accidents taking place in Newtown Twp.

Authorities listed as critical the case of one woman who was rushed to the Medical Center of St. Mary in Middletown just before 8:00 o’clock that morning. Police stated that her KIA 2008 sedan was hit by a dump truck she was driving along the areas of Newtown Bypass and Woodbourne Rd,

Police related that the woman was negotiating a left turn onto the bypass as she was coming from Woodbourne Rd. However, in the process, her vehicle was slammed on the driver’s side by a dump truck that was traveling eastward along the bypass going toward I-95. The prelim investigation showed that the dump truck filled with asphalt was running a red light.

In Newtown Twp., a 3-car accident sent another woman to a hospital sustaining head injury. Just after 11:00 o’clock that morning, the SUV she was riding rear-ended a vehicle as they were approaching Lower Dolington and Yardley-Newtown roads. The authorities found two juveniles restrained into car seats inside the SUV. They were also transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

Among the more than 2 dozens mishaps that happened prior to 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon in Bucks County last Friday was a BMW. It flipped onto its roof along Route 1 in Falls. The police noted that Southbound Route 1 was backed up for about a mile around noon after the incident. The BMW sedan flipped as the operator lost control whiles the driver trying to change lanes. The unidentified male driver was the only person inside the car and after the car flipped, he was able to crawl out from underneath the vehicle without injuries.

According to a Bucks County dispatcher, no specific reason could be attributed to the number of accidents last Friday. Most of the day, the weather was clear and sunny for most of day.

Every day, you read about drivers dying in road collisions. Most fatalities are consequence of drivers without experience, speeding DUI of alcohol or drugs, non-wearing of seat belts or just plain recklessness.

Road crashes are often due to human error. Studies revealed that driver errors are the cause of around for 80% of all fatal and injury crashes.

Three main approaches are presented to prevent accidents: (1) education & training; (2) enforcement by adopting reasonable and enforceable traffic laws; and (3) engineering of vehicles and roads.

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Source:  Bucks County Courier Times Com