Interstate 81 has been reopened after 19:45 this morning. But due to the accident, residual traffic is expected to keep the flow of vehicle slowly along the area for quite awhile.

A very serious crash in the County of Cumberland will keep the police investigating
along the areas of the exit of Middlesex Township and off Interstate 81 which are closed to all vehicles moving south.

A crash was the reason why traffic is closed. The mishap occurred around 7:45 Thursday night at the Middlesex exit on its southbound lane of 1-81. At least three people were injured and taken by the ambulance to a local hospital.
According to the State Police, the operator of a pickup truck was heading south. Two cars were parked on the shoulder of the road. On a broken down car, a woman was seated waiting for a her car to be repaired. The other car was owned by the man who pulled over to assist her.
The man, who stopped to assist the woman, was trying to push the car so it will start. Suddenly, the driver of a pickup truck swerved off the road, hitting the woman’s car.

The impact to the car was so great that the woman was ejected from the vehicle were she was seated. The man assisting the woman was also struck and thrown a certain distance.
Police classified the woman’s injuries as critical as there were bad injuries on her face. A helicopter ambulance of Life Lion transported her to Penn State Medical Center of Hershey.
The helpful man and the reckless driver of the pickup truck were also hurt, but their injuries were non-life threatening.

Police believed alcohol played a role in the crash.
The crews were on the scene at 81 Interstate in Middlesex Township to clean up the mess. But owing to the extent of the wreck, the police did not know when the lanes will be reopened.

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