KITTANNING, Pa. — Last Friday, state police arrested Michelle Dibler for several charges, including homicide by vehicle, half a year after the car crashed that killed her sister, who would have given a speech at her wedding.

According to the state police, the Police Department of Armstrong County a threatening letter of harm if they would file charges against the person involved in the crash of March 18 that killed Nicole, her older sister.

In that crash, Nicole Dibler, age 26 years, killed and Michelle Dibler sustaining injuries was airlifted to a hospital. The car carrying both women crashed into Parks Township Kiski River. Armstrong State Police discovered from Dibler’s lab results that she was positive for marijuana and she was driving DUI.

Among the many charges filed against Dibler were driving DUI, homicide by vehicle, and involuntary manslaughter. She is confined in the County Jail of Armstrong in place of  a property bond or cash amounting to 25,000..

News reporter Janelle Hall recalled that after the March 18 accident, Dibler tyold the press that drug and alcohol had nothing to do with the fatal crash at Kiski River.

She maintained that there was a car approaching from the wrong direction of the street and nearly collided with them along the River Road. She swerved to avoid the vehicle, hit a pole and landed on the water.

The tragedy happened at 1:00 o’clock in the morning when she and her sister were coming home from bachelorette party in her honor held at the Addison House Restaurant, four miles away.

The 23-year-old Dibler said that she was able to get out of the car but could not move her sister as the car doors would not open. It was the police diving team who finally freed the body of ther sister from the car.

The police, however, believed that Michelle Dibler was to blame as she was under the influence of alcohol and driving at top speed. The defendant has still to prove that there was another car coming the wrong way.

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