A hit-and-run accident in Camden is now threatening the life of a little boy. The mishap occurred last Sunday at 3:15 p.m. just outside a barbershop at Block 400 at North 27th Street. According to the police, the two-year-old boy was outside the shop playing while waiting for his father having a haircut inside. The father noticed that his son was no longer inside the shop so he ran outside and saw that a crowd was gathering around his son.

The police said that the toddler was hit by a car which stopped momentarily but the driver decided to flee from the scene. One of the motorists decided to follow the hit-and-run car and saw that the operator left the vehicle and walked away toward Harrison and 31st Sts.

The boy was seriously injured and was rushed to Cooper Hospital where he is now in very critical condition.

Witnesses in the scene describe the operator as male, having Hispanic features and with a light beard. His car was a 4-door, tan-color Park Avenue Buick with temporary registration and has a damaged right passenger door.

The police is now looking out for this man of the stated description and tracing the registration of the car. All those who have relevant information are asked to call Camden Police Department.

In the United States, 12,175 children are killed by car accident each year. The figure is even more than death by all disease combined. This is contained in the report from the Disease Control Center based on hospital records submitted to the WHO and UNICEF reports.

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