EAST COCALICO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Monday afternoon, part of southbound Route 222 in Lancaster County was closed due to a truck crash. A truck hauling bulky equipment flipped over.

The mishap happened in East Cocalico Township’s Peiffer Hill Road as about 4 o’clock Monday afternoon.  The crew had to remain at the crash scene to help clear the debris and to manage the traffic..

The driver was not injured and was no longer brought to the hospital. Investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the crash and if there is a need to file charges.

It is not uncommon for trucks carrying heavy equipment to flip over. On September 8, a @kfox14 truck hauling a trailer flipped over a guard rail I-10 located at the eastern part of Sunland Park Drive. Luckily, for this one; no person was injured. Last July, a truck towing a heavy ice cream wagon in Orleans County flipped and the driver was injured and had to be hospitalized. On May 23, a tractor trailer hauling about 15 cars flipped and in Tampa, Florida flipped sideways and spilled the cars all over the roadway. Fortunately, no other person was injured and no vehicles on the highway were damaged.

Studies made by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that more than half of fatalities from one- vehicle accident fatalities are caused by its rolling -over. When there are conditions bringing the gravity center of the vehicle further away from solid ground will add to the possibility of a roll-over. One reason is carrying so many loads and weight on top of the truck (objects or people) can increase the risk of rollover.

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