Pittsburgh’s man, Nathan Bell is charged by Dormont police with driving under the influence after he was responsible for a drunk-driving accident, and then fled from the scene.

Nathan Bell is now facing several charges related to DUI charges after being the cause of a mishap that injured two people. He was driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the police, Nathan Bell, age 38 and resident of the Mt. Oliver area of Pittsburgh, was under the influence while he operating his vehicle going south along West Liberty Ave. on July 25. He caused a traffic accident in Dormont. Police reported that he also hit a parked car prior to being stopped when he reached Mt. Lebanon.

Dormont police received a call that an accident occurred with possible injuries at Block 3100 at West Liberty Ave. at about 10:42 o’clock in the morning.

Victims of the crash reported to the police that they stopped on West Liberty, waiting to negotiate a left-hand turn into a station at A Plus Sunoco when a rampaging car coming from the opposite direction veered across the median line and crashed on the car, causing both air bags to deploy.

According to the witnesses which was substantiated by the victims, the errant car turned into the station at Sunoco station; in its way, it hit the guide rail then continued to turn around and to drive southward in to West Liberty Ave. struck a guide rail, turned around and continued driving southbound on West Liberty Ave.

The Southern Medical Rescue Team responded to the call and delivered the victims to Pittsburgh Mercy Hospital for treatment. The victims’ vehicle sustained heavy damage was towed out of the way.

A short time later, Mt. Lebanon police reported stopping a vehicle matching the offending vehicle’s description on Washington Road near the Cochran Road intersection. The stopped vehicle had heavy front-end damage as well, police said.

According to police report, Bell, who was car’s driver, did not pass the sobriety tests conducted at the scene and was then arrested for DUI.

A witness later passed on to the police the information that a vehicle matching the description and license plate of Bell’s vehicle crashed to a parked car in the Block 2800 of West Liberty Ave.

Bell was charged with the following: (1) driving under the influence of alcohol; (2) damaging to attended vehicles; (3) damaging unattended vehicles; (4) accidents causing injury to person while not properly licensed; (5) driving with a suspended license while DUI; and (6) driving recklessly.

The Supreme Court of the United States recently made a ruling of a law requiring a warrant to be presented to the DUI suspect by an enforcement officer ordering the suspect to undergo a BAC test. Under the implied consent law of the state, DUI suspects must submit themselves to a blood tests or they lose their driving privileges for a year.

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Source: Dormont Brookline Patch Com