PARKSIDE — Two officers of the Philadelphia Police department were transported to the hospital following an accident which occurred in the Parkside area of the city.

They sustained injuries after their patrol cruiser crashed car into a van parked along a street in the Parkside.

The incident took place in the early morning of Sunday right on the Bible Way’s 5100 block.

It occurred a little after shortly after 4:00 o’clock a.m. in the intersection of Warren and 52nd. Some witnesses noted a police car running at top speed which ultimately crash into a van parked beside the road. They also said that the officers did not appear to be running after another vehicle.

According to the police, two 19th district officers were answering a call and going to the scene with their warning lights on.

As the cruise was negotiating a turn at North 52nd Street, the operator lost control of car and crashed into van parked along side of the street. The owner of the van was the Church of Greater Bible Way.

One of the officers sustained a bleeding head and the two victims complained of pains at the neck and back. They were transported to University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

According to investigators, they are now confined in the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and both of them could not yet recall what led to the crash. No information was given out regarding their current condition. Witnesses saw the two police officers inside the cruiser which crashed into a church van

Pending result of investigation, police did not identify the injured and was caused the officer to lose control of the police patrol car.

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