At least one person was killed on an accident which occurred last Thursday. The operator of a rig  was killed Thursday when his tractor trailer was hit by another truck while he was walking beside his rig.

The Lehigh County coroner of  the Township Upper of Macungie reported that the driver was walking near his rig when the rig was struck by an oncoming truck and was in turn was hit by his own tractor-trailer. He was badly hurt from critical multiple blunt force injuries which later caused his death after a few minutes. There was no need to transport him to a hospital. The fatality was identified as Richard James, age 54 and resident of North Ridge Road – Block 600 in Reinholds, Pa. He died at 7:09 that morning, a few minutes after the crash in the site of the accident at the Morris Court’s 7500 block. According to both Berks-Lehigh Regional police and Coroner Scott Grim, his death was an accident.

The Coroner Grim made a rule on the reason and circumstanced of James’ death after performing an autopsy on his body that morning.

Grim and the police stated that his death was accidental. James was walking beside his rig when his own vehicle struck him after it was rear-ended by another truck at 6:00 o’clock that morning.

Meanwhile the police will continue conducting their investigation primarily to discover if there was any reason responsible for the accident. They also want to find means to prevent such kinds of mishaps to happen in the future. Accidents and deaths are common happenings along the road.

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