Authorities finally determined that no one was criminally liable and blamed for the tragedy where one person was killed and caused Saucon Twp Fire Station to burn down. This was their verdict that the deadly crash that caused the death of a man from Bucks County and the destruction of Lower Saucon Fire Station by fire was simply failed brakes.

It was more than seven months ago last May 24 when 56 years old John Muzyka resident of Springfield Twp. died on the scene when a dump truck operated by 42-year-old Michael Thomas, moved forward right into the Leithsville Volunteer Fire Company which burst into flame.

The driver was able to escape from the conflagration but he sustained serious burns. Witnesses saw him escaping from his truck and passed through flames before they could help him.

Last Thursday, the police of Lower Saucon Township announced that no criminal charges will be filed for the accident that destroyed the fire station.

The accident led to the death of Muzyka who was driving along Route 412 / Leithsville Road just in front of the fire station when a dump truck operated by Thomas hit him. That accident took place after Thomas was unable to stop at the stop sign at Flint and Leithsville Hill roads.

Muzyka’s vehicle was hit and then pushed into the fire station building, where a large fire was ongoing as it destroyed the fire company vehicles and equipment.

Aside from the acquittal of Thomas, the dump truck’s owner, William Kunsman & Sons Paving and Sealcoating located in Bethlehem, was also exonerated of criminal liability.

District Attorney John Morganelli of the Northampton County said that investigators studied the facts and came to the conclusion that the accident occurred due to brakes failure.

Last December 5, Fire Chief Thomas Barndt of Se-Wy-Co announced that during the meeting of Lower Saucon Township Council, they have agreed to rebuild the station. Meanwhile Se -Wy-Co Fire Company will house two stations as the construction of Leithsville station will start in the spring. The planned merger had been on the table before the incident.

Shortly after the mishaps, they have started to collect donations for the new station.

There were many firefighters from other departments who helped in putting out the flame at Leithsville Fire Station. They were there for several hours battling the blaze at the Volunteer Fire Co. that Thursday afternoon. The conflagration was the result of a dump truck that lost control and slammed into the building, engulfing the structure. The flames were so hot that the building’s steel roof melted.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said a thorough investigation was undertaken and in the end, they concluded that the entire episode appeared to have been just a horrible accident.

Morganelli said that the brakes failed and that caused the tragedy. It was a bad thing but there was no drinking and no reckless behavior involved.

All the equipment and trucks in the station were burned and destroyed. For the present, the Fire Company of Leithsville has joined with the Volunteer Fire Company of Se-Wy-Co to look after the safety of the Township.

The fire was controlled in the early part of evening when the Coroner’s Office of Northampton County came to the scene as authorities found that the SUV inside the station had a body inside.

Today, the Township Police of Lower Saucon announced that jointly with the District Attorney’s Office of Northampton County, they have completed their investigation. Their conclusion was that they exonerated from criminal liability the driver, Thomas and his employer, William Kunsman & Sons Paving & Sealcoating based on Bethlehem.

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