WORTHINGTON, Pa. — State police reported the case of a western Pennsylvania man died after his car hit a deer carcass that was dragged into the lane by another car. This caused the victim’s car to crash into a tri-axle truck.

Troopers in Kittanning described the deceased as a 34-year-old from Homer City. He died that Thursday at about 5:20 in the morning at U.S. Route 422 in West Franklin Township. This place is about 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The police said that the deer was first hit by an eastbound car that sent the carcass into the westbound lanes where the victim’s car also hit the animal. The impact caused the car to be out of control that also hit an oncoming eastbound truck.

The passenger inside the dead man’s car sustained serious injuries and was transported to the hospital in Pittsburg while the truck driver had only minor injuries and was treated in a local hospital.

Insurance Information Institute revealed that there are approximately 500,000 deer/car crashes resulting in over 100 deaths and thousands of injuries. Current deer explosion has lead to a dramatic increase in deer/car collisions. To deal with deer on the road, you have to use your skill in defensive driving by being extra cautious and if possible try to avoid hitting the animal on the road. Early mornings and evening hours are the most active time for deer to be moving around in the forest. If your car hit a deer; do not touch as it might retaliate. The best way is to get your car off the road and call the police.

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