At least one person was killed and another was injured following a crash that happened Thursday afternoon along Rte 611 in Nockamixon Twp.

According to Pennsylvania State Police at Dublin report this morning, one driver was behind the wheel of a Chevrolet 2007 Malibu traveling north. At about 2:45 o’clock while driving on the two-lane hi-way, the car veered across the lane just south of Foellner Lane and proceeded onto the road’s shoulder. The car reversed and returned to the south lane where the side of the driver’s side was hit by the front bumper of a Toyota 2007 Camry that was southbound.

The Chevy driver expired when emergency workers arrived. Although the driver was wearing safe belt but the impact must have been strong.

The Toyota operator who remained unidentified was taken by Medic 142 Upper Bucks for treatment at University Hospital of St. Luke’s in Fountain Hill.

Dr. Joseph Campbell who is Bucks County Coroner did not give details regarding the cause and manner of death of the person driving the Chevy.

No charge was filed against the driver of the Toyota.

Pa. State Police identified the fatality as Benjamin Knauss, age 18 and resident of Hellertown as the victim in a fatal car crash last Thursday afternoon in Nockamixon Twp.

Authorities stated that Knauss died resulting from critical injuries due to after his Chevrolet 2007 Malibu collided with a Toyota 2007 Camry along on Rte 611 just south of Foellner Lane. After prelim investigation,  police learned that the young man was travel9ing north when for unknown reasons, his car swerved into the approaching traffic before he was able to reverse into the right lane about 2:45 o’clock that afternoon.

After the driver went back to his lane, he sideswiped a Toyota, The other driver, not identified by police was delivered to the University Hospital for treatment. The other driver was not filed charges in the collision.

Authorities reported that Knauss died at the scene of the wreck and was wearing his seat belt at the time of the collision.

Authorities said that Knauss’ multiple critical injuries after his Chevy Malibu hit a Toyota Camry along Rte 611 south of Foellner Lane. Police learned that the young man was heading north when his car veered into oncoming traffic before it was able to return to his lane around 2:45 O’clock that afternoon.

Police said that after he re-entered the right lane, he sideswiped a Toyota. The identity of the driver whose name was not given out to the press, also sustained injuries and was taken to the University Hospital of St. Luke’s for treatment. The other driver has not been charged in the collision.

Police reported that Knauss was pronounced dead died at the scene of the wreck. And that he was properly restrain.

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Sources: Lehigh Valley Live Com