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January 1, 2013
Car accidents in the Big Apple

The old year ended with a celebration and the New Year was welcome in the Big Apple with a bang accompanied by a series of fatal car accidents. More than 225,000 motorists are involved in a car accident in New York City every year; may 2013 yield fewer harvest! On December 30, 2012, just as […]

October 20, 2012
Where Airbags Fit Into the Vehicle Collision Spectrum

The mechanics of an airbag’s deployment might seem simple enough, but the instantaneous inflation of an airbag is just one small step in the many occurrences that transpire when a vehicle hits an object or another vehicle. Understanding where airbags fit into this timeline can help us to understand how injuries occur from airbag deployment […]

September 20, 2012
DOT wins Crash Lawsuit

About three years ago, a car crossed over the centre line of Route 67 that is just outside Ramona.  The speeding car smashed into another car that is being driven by Alexandria Drake.  The accident killed Alexandria’s life and will forever change the lives of her husband, Jay; their son, Jayden.  Jay, Jayden and Drake’s […]

August 23, 2012
All about SEPTA hybrid

Keeping the environment clean is an essential duty of vehicles on the road. SEPTA buses which lead commuter vehicles on the road have been spending millions of dollars in manufacturing and transforming its buses into hybrid vehicles which they claimed is green. For them, this is the answer to the cry for cleaner air since […]

July 9, 2012
Loss of Senses

When we think of motor vehicle accident injuries, we often think of broken bones, damage to internal organs and whiplash. One level that we do not often consider is the impact on our senses of sight, hearing, feel, taste and smell. Yet, your senses can be severely affected by any head trauma, and car accidents […]

July 9, 2012
Disc Herniations

In the jolt of an auto accident, your usually sturdy spinal column can suffer the type of trauma that will lead to severe pain if untreated. Many times, you can suffer a herniated disc in your neck or back, especially in the lower regions of the spine, as the result of a vehicle accident, often […]

July 9, 2012
Disc Bulges

Many injuries suffered in vehicle accidents result when the back and/or neck are severely jolted, often from a rear impact. In the moments after a surprise car accident, your body produces huge amounts of adrenaline as it goes on high alert. This adrenaline can mask pain for a time, which often causes the affected driver […]

July 9, 2012
Identify Witnesses

In the dazed moments that you experience after a vehicle accident, it can be hard to remember all of the steps that you need to take. It might be handy to make a short list on paper to put in your glove box, or you can even type a reminder on your smartphone for use […]

July 9, 2012
Contact the Police

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, it sometimes can be tempting to not call the police, especially if the accident appears to be minor and fault can be assigned to one driver or the other. The problem with this type of reasoning is that seemingly minor accidents can become major if you or […]

July 5, 2012
Texting While Driving

Surprising as it may seem, cell phone use while driving has become one of the major reasons for road accidents and the need for contacting a car accident lawyer if you have been involved in an accident involving a driver who was texting while driving. Cell phones have been with us for around twenty years […]



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