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People are generally badly informed that bicycle accidents are not as important as car accidents or any other road related accidents. Bicycle accidents have the same rights and responsibilities and hence should not be taken lightly. In most cases, motorists blame the cyclist for causing accidents which is not the case. Look for an experienced bicycle accident lawyer who will protect your rights and file a lawsuit.

Many insurance companies have taken advantage of cyclists involved in accidents by giving them little compensation.  Compensation will cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, personal injury and trauma.

Common causes of bicycle accidents
Bicycle accidents are mostly caused due to motorists’ negligence.  Some common causes include;
  • A driver entering a street from a driveway directly in front of a cyclist.
  • A driver failing to stop at a stop sign
  • A driver failing to yield at an intersection then bumping into a bicycle
  • A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs

There are many bicycle accidents cases that occur very often. Most accidents are neglected and left unsolved since people are unaware of lawsuits.  There are lawyers who will help you recover every loss or injury incurred.  Many lawyers will offer free consultations and they will charge you once the settlement is made.  Therefore, as a cyclist who has been in an accident, you should not be worried of lawsuit prices.
Steps to follow after the crash
If you have been involved in a bicycle crash, there important steps you should take at the accident scene. These steps will determine on how much you recover for the injuries and also affect the outcome of your lawsuit. These important steps include;

  • Wait for the police to arrive at the accident scene. The police will take every detail of what happened and file a report. It is also important to stay there in order to know the one at fault before you leave. At this point, you may feel that you have not been injured but you may be having serious internal injuries.
  • Make a statement with the police. Make sure you have your side of the story about everything that happened at the scene.  Report both minor and major injuries to the police. These reports will be used for future reference during the lawsuit.  Do not leave the minor injuries which may later turn out to be serious.  Seek medical checkups from your doctor and ask for filing of every evaluation.
  • Obtain the driver and witness contacts. Write down the driver’s phone numbers, license number and insurance information. Also ask the contacts of eye witnesses who are at the accident scene. Document them and give them to your lawyer for further assistance.
  • Preserve the evidence. Leave the damaged bicycle for inspection. Do not try to fix it since it is evidence of the accidents. Do not clean your clothes or helmet. Put them intact or pack them in one place. You can take photos of every damaged part and have them sent to a lawyer.
  • Seek a personal injury attorney. Find a personal injury attorney who is well experienced in handling bicycle accidents. Many accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles are difficult to settle and hence they will require you to look for a professional. It is recommended to look for an attorney who has handled bicycle accidents before or one who is a cyclist. This is an advantage since the attorney solves the legal issue in a cyclist point of view. An attorney will assist you in filing a lawsuit and represent you.
  • Do not sign any paper presented to you by anyone especially the insurance company. Do not talk to them about the accident since it can be used against you in the lawsuit. Talk to your attorney only.

A personal injury attorney will follow the necessary steps and make sure that you are compensated. The attorney will give you advice and negotiate with the insurance company. Mostly an insurance company will come to a settlement without going to a trial. There is no better way than contacting a personal injury attorney to assist you in every step of the lawsuit.
The compensation will help you pay for your medical bills and any injuries incurred during the accident.

You have your rights as a cyclist and therefore any accident you are involved in should be settled by a lawyer.



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