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What is Limited Tort ?

Limited tort insurance is a type of insurance that you have the option to purchase in Pennsylvania, which is one of only three states that provide that option to insurance buyers. Some people choose to buy limited tort insurance rather than full tort insurance, because limited tort is often a cheaper option. Under full tort, you can receive compensation for even minor injuries if you were in an accident. This can be extremely useful, because even minor injuries can rack up expensive medical bills.

What are the Restrictions ?

But under limited tort, you can only receive compensation if your injuries are severe, such as brain or spinal injuries or disabilities. Limited tort may be cheaper on a monthly basis, but it can end up being more expensive if you get minor injuries in an accident and cant afford to pay the bills. Limited tort does not cover pain and suffering, for example, and it only covers out of pocket medical expenses, car repair, and lost wages. It will not cover any kind of long term treatment you may have to undergo, including medications outside of the hospital or physical therapy, which is often required after car accident injuries. Limited tort coverage also does not cover your injuries if you were a pedestrian in a car accident.

What happens if I am in a car accident with limited tort insurance?

You may be visiting this site because you got hurt in an accident and have only limited tort coverage. You may also be here because you got into an accident with someone who only has limited tort, or because no insurance company will accept your claim because you only have limited tort. By contacting our offices and getting in touch with an experienced Philadelphia limited tort lawyer, you have the best chance at getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries, even if you or the other driver only has limited tort insurance.

What are my options to file a claim with limited tort coverage?

Even with limited tort insurance, there are still ways to access compensation to cover all of your medical bills. One of them is proving to the insurance company that your injury should be considered serious. Pennsylvania law defines a serious injury to be one that results in death, permanent disfigurement, or impairment of a bodily function. Because there are so many different ways to interpret the definition of a serious injury, it is important to have an experienced lawyer help you build your case and demonstrate the severity of your injuries. Using your medical records, bills, and other information, you can break the tort threshold of your limited tort insurance and access the full compensation you deserve. The only exceptions are if you were driving a car registered out of state, if you were hit by a drunk driver, or if you were riding in a commercial vehicle.

Exceptions to Limited Tort

There are even some exceptions that will allow you to be compensated for pain and suffering, even with limited tort insurance. An experienced attorney who knows the details of insurance law and limited tort law in Pennsylvania will be invaluable in this process.

If you or if a loved one has been involved in any kind of traffic accident, be sure to check your insurance policy to see what kind of coverage you have — full tort or limited tort. Then, get in touch with your lawyer to begin working on your case. If you have limited tort, you are not out of options with an experienced lawyer on your side. They will prove the seriousness of your injury and ensure that you have the compensation that you deserve.



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