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Tire defect lawyers commonly deal with personal injuries due to defective tire usage on automobiles. At the same time, tire manufacturers just as commonly recall defective tires before too many demands for compensation for injuries start to roll out. In most cases, these tire recalls only take place after a noticeable number of consumers have been killed or injured because of using defective tires.

The inherent problem with defective tires is that they can separate easily and therefore cause an unexpected accident and can become the immediate cause of a devastating injury or even a wrongful death that requires the services of a lawyer.

Tire defects can lead to devastating injuries

It is a clear fact that any defects that are found in tires will bring about the disintegration of a tire at high speeds. When a tire blows out it can cause bits of the tire to wrap around the wheel, which immediately has an effect on the control of a vehicle. When this happens, a vehicle may suddenly take a sharp turn, or flip and turn over many times. An impact like this will lead to the occupants of the vehicle suffering devastating injuries or even death.

Tire failures are far more common when the vehicle is moving at higher speeds. Tire failures are also more likely to cause rollovers when they take place on a vehicle which has a high center of gravity.

When injuries and even death occur as a result of a tire blowout the victims or their families will wish to know what brought about the tire blowout that has inflicted such an extreme injury. If it is a tire defect and the tread separated, a claim for compensation may reveal that there was a fault in the design that brought about the blown tire and thus caused an accident.

The possible reasons for a serious tire blow out include:

Most attorneys have wide experience in probing and litigating into defective product liability compensation claims.  Additional qualified expert help is a necessity, though, when determining the cause of the defective tire. Once the case is prepared for the personal injury that has occurred as a result of the defective tire, it is presented to the company responsible for the manufacture of the tire.

If you or a family member has an injury that was caused by a defective tire you should contact an attorney immediately, so that the evidence can be gathered. Once the case is prepared highlighting the personal injury that has occurred as a result of the defective tire, it is presented to the company responsible for the manufacture of the tire when a compensation payment should be made.

All compensation claims are prepared so that they match the pain and suffering that has resulted from this unexpected injury. This will be an amount to cover medical expenses and a component for lost wages and expected lost income in the future from inability to work.



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