Bus Accidents


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    Bus Accidents


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      Our dedicated team of Bus Accident Lawyers can help you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, loss of earnings and medical bills.

      If you have recently been a victim of a bus accident and as a result you have suffered serious injuries, the best step to take is to contact a bus accident lawyer. Liability issues may become complicated since buses are mostly owned by government entities. These bus accidents may involve a bus owned by private sectors, school buses, tour buses.

      Liability for bus accident

      Buses are liable for personal injuries to passengers and hence bus accidents follow federal and state policies. Dealing with a government entity or a bus company is harder than dealing with a private sector. Therefore, you need to look for well experienced bus accident lawyer who will act fast. Your Lawyer will file a claim against the bus company for you to be compensated.

      Liability against a bus owned by a private sector is easier to establish. An accident caused by a private car is mostly considered by the state as a driver’s fault.

      Liability against a bus owned by a government entity is difficult to settle since the government may grant immunity to a bus driver. The bus may have total liability to personal injuries if it didn’t follow safety regulations. Most lawsuits are ruled in favor of victims since the carriers often cause these accidents.

      Causes of bus accidents

      Bus accidents can be caused by a variety of factors;

      • Driver negligence. This is the most common cause whereby the driver failed to follow road rules. A breach of duty may also cause a bus accident. Also a drive using a mobile phone while driving.
      • speeding. This may result to a bus crashing into a passerby on the street, a bus crashing into another car or a bicycle.
      • Poor maintenance of buses. Bus owners are held reliable and are acoountable for the bus accident.
      • Dangerous roadways. Poor road conditions cause bus accidents.
      • Other causes include bad weather conditions, faulty emergency exits and driver errors.

      A bus accident lawyer makes sure the lawsuit is won in order the victim is compensated on the losses. The losses may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and emotional distress even worse death. Compensation fee depends on the type of injuries incurred by a victim.

      Steps to take after a bus accident

      For your claim to be successful, there are certain steps that need to be followed carefully. If followed well, then the lawsuit is settled faster and smoothly. You don’t want to file lawsuit and then lose it.

      The first step to take is to go visit a doctor.  You may have sustained serious injuries during the accident and they need to be checked by your doctor. You may feel that you are okay after the accidents but later on discover you had an internal injury. Have your doctor file every medical evaluation of your injuries. The files are used by your lawyer to claim for compensation since there is evidence you had injuries.

      Do not talk to anyone regarding the accident. You can talk to law enforcement officials only. Avoid insurance company’s representatives or investigators since they may use it against you during the process.

      Contact a bus accident lawyer who is reputable and experienced. The lawyer will determine how to deal with the case and file all the necessary lawsuits. Do not take time to look for a lawyer since government related cases have short periods of filing a claim. The sooner you file a lawsuit against the bus company, the better.

      Take as much information as possible at the accident scene. You can get the number of people involved in the accidents, witnesses and their names. This information will make it easier and faster to file a lawsuit and push for compensation.  If possible, you can make a copy of the information to give to your lawyer for further investigations.

      Do not sign any paper presented to you by anyone except your lawyer. This way you are protecting yourself against anything that comes your way. It is also a way of avoiding complications in the lawsuit.

      Many lawyers will offer free case evaluation of the accident to victims. If you have been involved in a bus accident, it is advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Look for a lawyer who has successfully represented victims in a number of accidents.

      People involved in car accidents get well compensated and this helps them cover the heavy medical bills. It is therefore important to contact a lawyer who will assist you since you have legal rights to claim for compensation.

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