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Obviously, if you can drive a vehicle that has a high safety rating, you can decrease your chances of serious injury if you happen to be involved in a traffic accident.

Many consumer researchers have identified certain features to shop for as you look at vehicles. It is possible to find vehicles with all of the features mentioned below, but even if you can find a car or truck (new or used) that has several of these features, you can gain the confidence that comes with driving a relatively safe vehicle.

You also should reflect on what car safety features matter the most to you in terms of where you live and drive. People in Florida don’t need four-wheel drive vehicles in many cases unless they are going in and out of mud bogs. A driver in Minnesota, on the other hand, needs quite different safety features than a driver in Hawaii.

Here, then, are the types of safety features that you should try to find as you decide to purchase a vehicle:



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