Drug Abuse


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    Drug Abuse


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      When we are out driving on our daily commute, we expect to get to work and return home without being involved in an accident and sustaining a minor or life threatening injury. Unfortunately, there are some automobile drivers, who get into the driver seat under the influence of drugs. Most of us know that this type of behaviour could lead to a serious accident, which may be fatal, serious or life changing.

      There are two types of drug use that take place in the US. These are:

      • Recreational drug use, such as marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine etc.
      • Prescription drug use

      Driving while under the influence of most recreational drugs is illegal in nearly all states in this country. The reasons are obvious to most members of the public but there are a minority of people that consume drugs and then choose to drive afterwards.

      Prescription drugs are those prescribed by physicians for the alleviation of symptoms and the treatment of diseases. The increased danger of serious car accidents linked to the use of prescription drugs is not that well documented but they can have dangerous side effects.  Many drugs that are prescribed are often taken for similar reasons as recreational drugs and have an effect on one’s mental state.

      Any drug that has side effects may make it dangerous to drive but containers normally carry warnings. However, a few drivers make that choice to ignore any such warnings, which often results in serious auto accidents that cause life threatening or serious injuries. This is when drug use becomes drug abuse.

      There are many prescription medications that could be involved in drugged induced driving accidents and they include painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills and muscle relaxants.

      The effect that drug use can have on a driver includes:

      • Drowsiness
      • Impaired driver judgment
      • Poorer coordination
      • Reduction in reflex reaction

      These are just a few ways that both recreational drugs and prescription medications can have a negative impact on driving ability,

      Drivers who fail to heed warning labels on any prescription drug containers may be at fault when an accident takes place even if they are taking the drugs quite lawfully.

      Auto accident victims have legal rights to compensation

      If a driver is impaired because of the use of a prescription drug plan and a serious car accident takes place then any victim has the entitlement to punitive damages as a way of highlighting particularly dangerous conduct on our highways.

      If you or one of your family has been injured in a car accident and it was not your fault you should contact a drug abuse car accident attorney to discuss your case. If you have any evidence to support that the offending driver was under the influence of recreational or prescription drugs, then this will certainly help your case for compensation from the person who was responsible for the accident. Any compensation payment will help to cover you for unplanned medical expenses, loss of income and any emotional suffering you have experienced as a result of your accident.



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