Greyhound Accidents



Greyhound Accidents

Greyhound bus lines and other transport businesses that provide transportation at a cost to the passenger have a higher standard of responsibility for protecting the safety of passengers than the owner of a private automobile.  Therefore, a bus driver for Greyhound has a great responsibility to make sure you are safe while you are being transported to your final destination.

Unfortunately, drivers and bus companies who do not take the necessary steps and safety precautions can put their passengers in danger.

Greyhound accidents take place because of:

  • Poorly maintained braking systems
  • Worn tires
  • Employing unqualified or inexperienced drivers
  • The use of drugs or alcohol by drivers
  • Driver fatigue

Buses are particularly large and heavy vehicles and often there is an absence of seat belts. When a bus is unfortunately involved in an accident, passengers are often exposed to injuries from being thrown around in their seats and luggage falling from racks.

The injuries that are most common in Greyhound accidents are

  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Crushed torsos
  • Head injuries
  • Trauma

Most personal injury lawyers understand the outcomes of a Greyhound accident and will always conduct an in depth investigation into the facts to determine if negligence was the cause of your injuries.

Your legal right to claim for compensation

Once the blame has been established, it is your legal right to claim compensation for the suffering you have incurred as a result of injuries that were not your fault. This does not only include lost wages due to recovery time spent away from your job but also an element for the pain and suffering from the injuries. The burden on your family could strain relationships especially if they have to offer additional care at home while you recover from your trauma. It might be that you have to live with the effects of your injuries for the rest of your life.

When a personal injury attorney takes up your case he or she can quite easily see how devastating your injuries are and the effect they will have for years to come. When they take your case to the negligent party and put in a claim for compensation for you, they never forget the life long effects that this accident will have on you. Whether you were a passenger, a motorist, or a pedestrian, any Greyhound accident lawyer will fight to get a fair compensation package for your injuries.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a Greyhound accident then you should not delay any longer contacting a lawyer to put in a claim for compensation for injuries that are not your fault. It is your legal right to be compensated for any injuries inflicted by another person so you should make use of this and claim what is rightly yours.

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