Higher fines for excessive speeders


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    Higher fines for excessive speeders


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      One way to discourage motorists from over speeding is increasing its penalty which a lawmaker from Pennsylvania introduced as legislation.

      Under the proposal of Rep. Mark Painter, a D-Montgomery, those caught going 45 mph over the speed limit or driving a speed of100 mph or more, would be facing the same penalties that are given for reckless driving plus half-year suspension of the privilege to drive.

      Painter believed that this legislation serves as a good deterrent for those behind the wheel who disregard the immense danger excessive speeding not only to themselves but other people n the road. He praised responsible drivers under the commonwealth who are doing their part to keep Pennsylvania roadways as safe as possible.

      At present, only a possible 15-day license suspension is a penalty for those caught driving over the speed limit.

      On a cold March night, two males behind the wheels of their cars were driving recklessly while utterly disregarding safety for themselves and others. They finally ended with a crash after racing more than a 150 mph along R-611 in Doylestown bypass.

      The two cars were running side-side  going at nearly 100 miles above the speed limit. The vehicles are equipped with parts to increase speed as drivers are like men with pedals of loaded guns and missiles on wheels.

      One motorist tried to cut in front of driver, Jeffery Bender, age 21 and resident of Bedminster, who swerved to avoid the vehicle. By Bender’s bumper was operator John Anton, age 17, of Kintnersville, who had just beaten him in a drag race. As Anton’s car hits Bender’s vehicle at a speed of 151 mph and airlifted Bender’s car. The vehicle flipped upside down while it propelled across the roadway and left a skid mark more than a distance of 1,000 feet long.

      It was a miracle that no one was killed by Bender and Anton. It is also a great question that neither of them was in jail for this offense is unacceptable.

      But earlier this month, both Bender and Anton were given individual probation and community service and their driver’s licenses suspended.

      Judges of Bucks County could do little to give a stiffer sentence to Cepparulo and Waite but their hands are tied to a state law that needs the type of additional muscle,

      Rep. Marguerite Quinn of R-143, Doylestown stated that as reckless as those two were, there was no state law that gives stiffer punishment for excessive speeding.

      Reps. Painter and Quinn have co-sponsored legislation to make stronger laws pertaining to driving at high rates of speed. The legislation penalizes speed of more than 100 mph to be considered under the reckless driving category.

      Under this bill which will be introduced this fall, the penalty given for driving 100 mph or more and/or over 45 mph the speed limit would be a fine of $200 plus court costs and fees including automatic suspension of the driver’s license for six months

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