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The City of Brotherly Love got its name from the origin of its name in the Greek language. That name was mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible, where one of the letters was addressed to the church at Philadelphia.

Today, Philly still has plenty of love, but you might not know that while driving down many of its city streets. Philly is actually the 2nd-largest city on the entire East Coast (ahead of such notables as Washington and Boston!), meaning that its streets are often jammed with locals and the millions of tourists who pour into the city every year to get a taste of colonial history, a bite of a cheesesteak and a sample of the rich cultural scene as well.

The streets around Philly, such as I-95, which cruises up the eastern side of the city, or the North-South Freeway (I-676), which feeds New Jersey commuters into the city and bids them adieu each evening, can become congested with all sorts of motorists that have a wide variety of goals. You might have a sleepy trucker on I-95 just hoping to make it to New York before the night runs too long, or you could be next to a guy who’s had a horrible day at the office and is primed for a case of road rage.

Then again, you could be next to a corporate exec accustomed to getting her own way and who drives that way on the Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) on the western side of the city. Or, you could be crunched on Roosevelt Boulevard (Route 1) in North Philadelphia as locals run errands on a Saturday and you try to get from your hotel into the city.

Market Street, Walnut Street and South Broad Street are grand avenues in the city with many interesting sights and sounds, but they are much more interesting on foot than in a car stuck in heavy urban traffic. You could be stranded in the middle of an intersection after the light turns red, or behind a vehicle with extinguished brake lights that leave you baffled when it stops suddenly. Scores of trucks roar down these city streets, too, many on delivery runs, and it’s a daily hazard to get behind one and not see when the light turns red.

More than 1,300 people lose their lives every year on Pennsylvania’s roads, where 120,000+ accidents take place annually.  Philadelphia proves to be especially dangerous, with numbers that indicate that you are 10 times more likely to be in a car accident than you would be if you lived in one of Pennsylvania’s more rural counties. That sobering stat should convey that driving in and around Philadelphia can be a very tricky activity.

Here are some other numbers to consider as you think about the hazards of driving in the Philadelphia area:

How can you minimize the chances of being in an accident with so much going on around you and so many unsafe drivers perhaps in front and behind you? Safety experts recommend these four simple tips to stay safe on the road, even those in and around Philadelphia:

If, despite these precautions and your best efforts to stay safe on Philly’s roads, you get in an auto accident, be sure to contact a Philadelphia car accident attorney. A good personal injury lawyer will help you to construct a case that can help you to recoup your expenses for medical care and lost wages.

With the cost of health care these days, even a minor accident can result in bills that pile up quickly and leave you in a huge financial hole. That’s why you should contact a Philadelphia car accident lawyer even if you “feel okay” after an accident. You might not feel so well a few days later as the adrenaline wears off and you sense your aches and pains much more sharply.

You do not want to accept an insurance company’s offer for your pain, suffering and bills. Those companies are looking to minimize their expenses and give you a quick payout. It is far more advisable to contact a Philadelphia car accident attorney and begin to plan your case to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault, either partially or fully.

Many of the finest Philadelphia car accident lawyers will give you a free consultation and help you to form a battle plan of fierce advocacy for you. That way you will be completely prepared when your case goes before a judge and you need income to pay for medical bills and lost wages, both past and present, even into the future.

A quality Philadelphia car accident attorney will know exactly how to plead your case before a judge and which legal angles should be fully exploited to lead to a maximum award for you. That should give you some peace of mind, even when driving on some of the nation’s most dangerous roads.




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