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With a rear-end accident, it is comparatively easy to determine who was at fault. In fact, it is easier than almost any other type of automobile accident. In the majority of situations, the vehicle that was actually hit was stationary at a stop light, already positioned at a stop sign or in the traffic flow, either moving or stationary. In spite of any other obvious evidence of negligence, a rear-end crash victim’s injuries have to be assessed before an attorney can take up a case for compensation.

Rear-end accident victims can do little to prevent a collision

Rear-end crashes are different from other auto accidents, as it is most likely that the driver who was hit had either stopped or was just moving slowly at only a few miles per hour. Frequently, the victim will have seen the car approaching from behind in the rear view mirror and would not be able to do anything except await the inevitable crash.

The low speeds that are commonly experienced in these types of accidents attract a particular set of injuries, which include whiplash or disc damage of the cervical vertebrae, when one’s head is thrust forward then suddenly thrust back again. They may also include carpal tunnel injury, which is an injury that takes place when the driver endeavors to brace him or her self while awaiting for the auto seen appearing in the rear view mirror.  Knee and ankle injuries, as a result of flexing the legs and the bracing effect while waiting for the impact, and severe injuries to the face and head caused by the use of an airbag complete the main injury list.

Lawyers know how to investigate and find proof for any injuries that insurers often refuse to cover, such as internal head injuries and whiplash, as there are no obvious external signs of injury.

What causes rear-end accidents?

The main causes of this type of accident include

One thing for certain in a rear end accident, it is not too difficult to establish who is to blame. Road rules in all states insist that there drivers allow sufficient braking space between the front and rear of automobiles when they are using a public highway to get from one place to another. If they close that space because of inattention or, in some cases, simply to intimidate the driver in front, then a rear end accident is much more likely to happen.

If you are involved in a rear end accident, whether as the victim or the negligent driver, then you will be immediately aware who was at fault and a lawyer will be able to put in a compensation claim for any personal injuries a victim has sustained as a result of a rear end accident.

Thousands of out-of-court compensation packages are won every year for such victims, because injuries can leave a lasting impact both through actual pain, emotional and psychological trauma that can last for a long time and financial hardship.



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