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When you are going to rent a rental car, the last thing on your mind should be car insurance for that car.; you should be more concerned about enjoying yourself on vacation. However, that is a necessary evil and this article will cover all of the aspects related to renting a car and how car insurance works for it. You will learn everything from how car insurance works from when you pick up the car, when you are driving it, if you get into an accident, and when you bring it back to the rental agency.

The first thing you have to worry about after renting a car is what type of car insurance you will get on it. If you don’t already know, according to the Automobile Association of America (AAA) you can use your existing personal car insurance coverage to cover your rental car. There is additional or separate coverage available from the rental agency, but your personal coverage is primary and obviously will save you some money because you won’t have to buy it.
Whenever you rent a car, the rental agency forces you to have insurance because it is the law and because in case of a car accident, the car will be covered and they will be covered for the loss. In addition to the loss, it will protect you from incurring a financial loss to the rental company and pay for any damages you cause against another vehicle operator through its liability coverage.

If you are involved in a car accident, you will most likely want to retain a car accident lawyer because he or she will be able to inform you or your legal rights and obligations. Moreover, making sure you pick the right attorney from the countless car accident lawyers out there will enable you to also know what options you have with your policy’s coverage when it comes to settling or taking your case to court. If you pick an incompetent or unlicensed attorney, your case might not go anywhere and you could lose valuable time or even miss the statute of limitations in filing your case.

If you sustain injuries in your car accident, seeking out the services of a competent personal injury lawyer will enable you to get the most from your insurance and the responsible parties. Many personal injury lawyers practice this sole area of the law because there are new victims everyday and they take pride in helping these victims. Seeking out a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer will help you maximize your final settlement or verdict amount. They will work tireless for you because they know what you have gone through and will seek justice for you.

After reading this article, you will be able to rest a little easier because you will now know your options when renting your next car. You will also know that no matter how you obtain your coverage, you have the legal right to learn about all of your rights when involved in a personal injury matter through a competent lawyer.



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