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A rollover accident is one of the deadliest of all vehicle accidents and it occurs when a vehicle, frequently an SUV, rolls over onto its side or roof.  All cars have the potential to roll over, but an automobile with a high center of gravity, such as a SUV or a pickup, are particularly prone to rolling over and the sad thing about them is that more people are killed than in other types of road accidents.

High center of gravity and passenger load key factors

SUVs have a high center of gravity, which means they are more prone to tip and roll over than ordinary passenger cars. Extra passengers increase the possibility of a rollover as well, particularly in fully loaded 15-Passenger Vans. Adding passengers to a vehicle with a high center of gravity elevates the likelihood of a rollover accident. SUVs sometimes roll over when trying to avoid an accident situation, when the driver turns the wheel quickly to avoid a hazard.  It has even been proved that a slight turn of the wheel of a SUV can cause a rollover

The sorts of injuries encountered in a rollover accident are significantly worse than any other type of road traffic accident. Substantial damage is often inflicted on the vehicle too, but the sheer jolting motion throws the driver and passengers in all directions within the vehicle and, as the impact is felt, serious injuries can take place, some of which may prove fatal.

Rollovers injuries may include

The injuries that are caused by a rollover accident are so extreme that they can have a life changing effect on a victim’s life. The loss of a limb or the loss of mobility involves a complete change in lifestyle and could lead to loss of employment opportunities, dependency on family members for support and unanticipated medical expenses when being treated for such serious injuries.

Life long lifestyle changes will be costly

The change in a victim’s lifestyle may necessitate changes in mobility equipment, modifications in household living conditions and even speaking and writing tools. All this costs a lot of money.

Such a devastating event requires the need to contact a specialist rollover accident lawyer so that a claim for compensation can be lodged with the negligent driver who caused the injuries. The financial implications are so great that it will be necessary to gain a compensation package that will cover for the loss of current earnings and lost future earnings, hospital and medical bills as well as the possible reduction in life expectancy and the misery that has to be endured due to disability and reduced enjoyment of life.

If you have been a victim of a rollover accident and you have received injuries that bring about physical suffering and financial hardship you should contact a rollover accident attorney as soon as practicable to discuss your entitlement to compensation.



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