Speeding Accidents


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    Speeding Accidents


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      Numerous traffic accidents on our busy highways are due to people driving automobiles far too fast. In this situation, the braking power of a vehicle is significantly reduced and it is most likely that an obstacle in the path of the vehicle will act as the brake, not the driver’s action. This situation could cause severe injury and could be fatal to both cars’ occupants. Anybody who is involved in a collision with an over speeding driver should seek the assistance of a qualified car accident lawyer to help them claim compensation for any injuries they have received in the accident.

      Effects of too high a speed on accident potential

      The speed of a vehicle has a significant effect on the volume of crashes and the severity of injuries. It influences the likelihood of accidents and injuries in three simple ways:

      • more time is needed to stop once a dangerous situation has been spotted
      • more distance is required to stop once the brake is applied
      • the potential collision energy involved rises by 50% when the speed increases to 60 mph from 40 mph.

      The impact of a high-speed crash

      During a high-speed crash, a vehicle carrying passengers is subjected to such a great force that the structure of the vehicle cannot handle it and the body and chassis collapse completely. Even seat belts and air bags cannot assist in keeping the driver and passenger free from injuries.  Government tests on safe speeds indicate that even while driving at only 30 to 35 mph, there can be significant injuries to passengers in a vehicle.

      Risk factors

      Speeding can be dangerous in itself but there are other hazards that worsen the risk such as

      • extreme weather conditions such as fog, strong winds or ice
      • night driving
      • driving while under the influence of drink or drugs
      • fatigue
      • the volume of other traffic sharing the road

      These five factors alone can have an impact on the likelihood of a crash and the resultant severe injuries. A slippery road requires less speed, not more speed. While under the influence of alcohol or drugs our judgement is impaired so when speeding there is a lethal combination of factors. The impact of a speeding auto with a drug impaired or tired driver are the ingredients for a horrific traffic accident.

      Injuries sustained could just be cuts and bruises, but there is a greater likelihood of broken bones, brain injuries and crushed torso and even multiple fatalities if there were many occupants in the car. Car accident lawyers spend much of their time sieving through and compiling evidence for vehicle occupants who have sustained serious, debilitating injuries from accidents due to speeding that were not their fault.

      If you or one of your family have been injured in an auto accident because the other driver was speeding then you should contact a car accident attorney to discuss your entitlement to compensation. The stress from an injury can bring about a whole array of suffering and financial hardship and it is your entitlement to claim compensation for this suffering, for which you did not ask.


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