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A T-boned accident takes place when a vehicle hits the side of a second vehicle. This type of accident can be notoriously dangerous because when the vehicle is hit on its side it produces an effect that is totally different from a head-on collision or rear-end crash. The side of a vehicle has far less protection than the front or the back as there is a hood at the front and a trunk at the rear, either of which can offer a buffer on impact. T-boned accidents often place the driver and passengers at a greater risk of serious injury because the only protection is the door and occasionally a side air bag.

Reasons for t-boned accidents

It doesn’t take much imagination to determine when a t-boned accident is most likely to happen and that is when a car is running a light or failing to stop at a stop sign. The errant driver runs a risk of hitting a legitimate and innocent driver directly on the side. In either of the situations described, vehicles will be passing so their sides are vulnerable to a t-boned incident if a careless driver is not paying attention to road rules.

These sorts of accidents take place when a driver is either in a hurry and doesn’t want to wait for passing traffic or has something else dwelling on his or her mind and simply forgets to stop

Common injuries

Sometimes, the injuries in a t-bone accident are fatal, while those accident victims who survive may experience a spinal cord injury, a head injury, broken or fractured bones and severe cuts and bruises. Because of the nature of a t-bone accident, it is often a clear-cut case when determining who is at fault so a personal injury attorney will be able to lodge a claim for compensation from the negligent driver.

The consequences of a t-boned accident can be quite devastating to the victims and it happens only because a careless driver did not follow some of the obvious road rules that are well displayed through signage on our roads.

Life changing situation

In any automobile accident, there are normally some inevitable scratches and bruises, but the likely outcome of a t-boned accident could be life changing. Any serious injury can result in a visit to a hospital or time taken off work to recover. This brings about financial hardships and pressure on family members to find time to provide care for the injured as well as tightening up the budget to allow for these additional expenses.

If you have been a victim of a t-boned accident as a result of the negligence of another road user then you should contact one of our experienced car accident lawyers as soon as is practicable to assess your eligibility for  compensation that will cover the costs of additional medical expenses and income lost while recovering.

Our experienced attorneys deal with t-boned accident victims on a daily basis and are very successful in winning generous compensation packages for victims.




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