Proving Who Was At Fault


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    Proving Who Was At Fault


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      Sometimes, when an auto accident takes place, liability is quite obvious. For example, if you have stopped at a red light and you are rear-ended by another vehicle. What happens, more often though, is that neither driver wants to take the blame for the accident. It is often assumed that a police report will indicate who is to blame and then action can then be taken by the victim. However, there are so many times when the report is not complete and often even inaccurate. Furthermore, the police officer’s conclusion when it comes to determining fault is not always good enough to be used as evidence.

      Because of these situations it is extremely important to conduct an independent investigation by an experienced  car accident lawyer into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

      If you have been injured in a car accident and it was not your fault the job of your appointed personal  injury lawyer is to go back to the accident site and take any photographs of the site and any property that has been damaged. It is also important to interview witnesses and ask them to write a statement. Sometimes, even a professional accident reconstruction expert is brought in to help determine the cause of the accident.

      How are Car Accident Compensation Payments Made?

      In some states, there are Personal Injury Protection (PIP) first party benefits, plus third party benefits. These payments normally include medical costs and loss of wages up to a certain amount. All of these insurance policies must offer a minimum of $5,000 in medical benefits. However, collision and wages coverage are an option.

      The third party benefits are normally paid by the insurance company of the defendant and are payable only if another driver is found to be at fault. This claim usually includes an amount for pain and suffering, additional medical bills, loss of wages and property damage can be included as well if the victim does not have the collision coverage.

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      Main Causes of Car Accidents

      Distracted Driving

      Today, distracted driving is one of the main causes of car accidents throughout the U.S. Distracted driving occurs when a person has diverted attention off the road, normally to chat or talk to another person on a cell phone. A distracted driver often sends a text message while driving or consumes food and drink.


      Drivers who ignore speed limits and continue to drive up to 30 mph over the speed limit are more likely to cause an accident which entails serious injuries and fatalities. The faster a driver drives and a longer distance is required when there is a need to stop suddenly. Furthermore, when an accident occurs and the driver is driving fast then the accident is more likely to be serious with many casualties

      Drunk Driving

      Driving while drunk is another major cause of car accidents, as when over the safe limit alcohol can reduce your ability to function properly. Driving while intoxicated causes auto and other vehicle accidents every day in the US and because it is the driver’s independent choice there is little that can be done about. Serious injuries result in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers as it is impossible for them to control their vehicle when an accident is imminent. If you have been injured by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol then you will need a  car accident lawyer to pursue your case for a compensation claim.

      Reckless Driving                                                          

      Reckless drivers speed, move from one lane to another without paying proper attention and tailgate other drivers far more often than other drivers. Car accidents regularly occur due to the actions of reckless drivers.

      Running a Red Light

      Most drivers know that red simply means you must stop. If a driver fails to stop at a red light, a car accident may take place. Any driver that runs a red light runs the risk of causing a fatality and serious injuries. This is because a driver coming in from the side at an intersection will most likely be driving at great speed and will run into the auto that is running the red light. This may bring about a side-impact collision at high speed. If you have been injured by someone running a red light, you are entitled to file a damages claim against the person who damaged your vehicle and injured you. You will need an experienced car accident lawyer to fight for the highest possible amount, as the accident was not your fault.

      Running Stop Signs

      Stop signs at road intersections are there to prevent collisions. If these signs are ignored then a [geocity]  auto accident is inevitable. Every year, thousands of car accidents take place because a driver failed to yield to a stop sign. There are many incidents that lead to rollovers and accidents that are side-impacts which can cause the worst of injuries in which case you will need to contact an  accident attorney.

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