Driver commits at least 17 hit-and run crashes


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    Driver commits at least 17 hit-and run crashes


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      The driver who committed no less than 17 accidents categorized as   hit-and-run plus a fatal crash is spending a day in Gwinnett County court. Sheriff’s office confirmed that this pickup truck driver caused hit-and-run mishaps that go as much as17 cases including one dead victim. Last Thursday, he was in court to hear his charges and was informed that his case does not allow any bonDd.

      Sheriff’s Office of Gwinnett County recorded that the 70 years-old resident from Stone Mountain is identified as Michael Owen Snider, He crashed into five vehicles in DeKalb County and another10 vehicles in Gwinnett County as he was driving along Highway 78.

      Police said that Snider’s hit-and-run spree only stopped he committed a fatal accident in Snellville’s Walton Court and Highway 78.

      In this location, Snider rear-ended a gray Toyota 2000Camry, operated by 51 years-old Yeshihareg Abebe, resident of Grayson.

      Due to the strong impact of the collision, Abebe’s car struck a vehicle that stopped in front of it and was wedged under tractor-trailer truck that was stopped to the left of it. The front vehicle of the Toyota was elbowed into the back of another stopped vehicle.

      One Toyota passenger indentified as 69 years-old Mintiwab Woldeyhans from Loganville, died on scene due to critical injuries.

      Abebe sustained life-threatening injuries and was transported to an area hospital. The fatality, Woldeyhans was identified as Abebe’s mother. Police learned that the family came from Ethiopia and that she also had two grown-up daughters.

      One of their friends, Fiker Abata, said that he is really angry that the DUI driver cost one life.

      Police stated that Snider crashed his vehicle at the doorway of the Home Cooking Restaurant of John Boy.

      Snider suffered some injuries and was delivered to a local hospital.

      Investigation revealed that the Johnson family was traveling along 78 Highway when Snider driving his Ford Super 2006 Duty pickup slammed the rear of their back of their four-door sedan a couple of times.

      Jenetta Johnson said that she thought that they were going to die as the crash was going to kill them. The driver just continued ramming their vehicle then he hit the gas and moved on.

      Manuel Johnson expected the vehicle to go around then come back to resume ramming their car. He was feeling sore around his neck.

      After Snider was out of the hospital, he was incarcerated at the Gwinnett County Jail after being pronounced the following charges: DUI, homicide by vehicle; reckless driving; serious injury by vehicle and tail –ending. They are determining other charges to be filed.

      Snider was presented in court for the first time; although the schedule was still for Friday; but due to his years and health condition, his appearance was held directly.

      No bail was allowed and the alleged convict is placed in a confidential area in jail. As of now, Snider realized what he had done and will be under a counselor.

      Schedule of next hearing was set for Feb. 1.

      Gwinnett County police were not able to find any adverse records of the accused; in fact his neighbors presented him as a quiet man and the stay-at-home type.

      Police are requesting any witness who has other information to come forward so the case can be completed. The police are trying to discover if Snider hit the vehicle intentionally or there could be other reasons.

      Because hit-and-run and DUI are serious offenses, many states have opted to increase its penalty. But the rule remains that any driver involved in an accident where a victim is injured or is killed is obligated by law to stop, leave personal contact addresses and provide vehicle registration information. He has also to help in getting medical assistance for the injured. Even if the driver is not directly the cause of any road accident, he is required to stop and lend assistance.

      Accidents are frightening and traumatic experiences. Penalties for hit-and-run are very harsh including jail time, prison time and fines that ran into thousands of dollars.

      Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

      Please consult with an experienced   Accident attorney now for free consultation.

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