Car accidents in the Big Apple



Car accidents in the Big Apple

The old year ended with a celebration and the New Year was welcome in the Big Apple with a bang accompanied by a series of fatal car accidents. More than 225,000 motorists are involved in a car accident in New York City every year; may 2013 yield fewer harvest!

On December 30, 2012, just as the year was about to close, two women were killed and several others sustained injuries in a two-car accident which took place in Le Ray, New York. The accidents were the cause of the death of one driver and one passenger of the other car. The driver of the other car and some passengers were also injured.

According to the authorities, the 17-year-old driver lost control of her car and veered towards the oncoming traffic. The other car which was operated by a 43-year-old woman was not able to avoid the approaching car of the teen-driver. The collision of the two cars was so intense that two persons died.

The collision resulted to the death of the 43-year-old driver who succumbed right at the scene. Her 20-year-old passenger was transported to the hospital where she died after a while. Two other passengers in her car sustained non-life threatening injuries. The teen-driver of the other car also suffered minimal injuries and was later released from the hospital. The other passengers were also delivered to the local hospitals for treatment.

Since the police are still conducting investigation, they have not yet filed charges. If the police discover that the mishap was caused by negligence of any persons involved, then charges will eb filed as that individual is accountable for two fatalities.

On January 01, Washington was the site of a seven car accident that was quite serious as the police had to close both lanes of different directions at the New York Ave. NE at Bladensburg Road.

Happening right in front of the well-known Washington Times Building, DC police confirmed multiple critical injuries sustained by at least 18 people. Several were delivered to local hospitals; however, a few of the lees-injured went to the hospitals on their own.

More details are forthcoming after investigation is completed.

On January 2, a woman was hit by a van. A 51-year-old woman was walking near a New York Avenue intersections when she was hit by a van. She was walking across West Hoffman Avenue when a van, for unknown reasons, crashed on her. The pedestrian sustained critical injuries and was immediately transported to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. At first the doctors listed her in serious condition but they recently reported that she is stable.

The 50-year-old operator of the erring vehicle and his 36-year-old passenger were not injured inb the injured in mishap. The police of Suffolk County continue investigating the accident and asking witnesses to come forward with more details. The police took possession of the van as they want to know if the cause was malfunction of the machine.

On the same date, at least one person was killed when the passenger of an SUV crashed into the median, then flipped over towards a vehicle traveling e eastbound Long Island Expressway. According to the police, the passenger died a few minutes after he was delivered to Booth Memorial Hospital.

Early Wednesday, the mishap took place at about 4:30 o’clock in the morning. at the vicinity of 108th Street exit in Rego Park, Queens.

Police stated that the car operator was Ricardo Rivas, age 39, who was drunk at the time of the fatal collision. The following charges were filed against him: criminally negligent murder, DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

Three victims seated at the back seat of the Ford 2003 Explorer, sustained injuries and delivered to General Hospital of Elmhurst in stable condition, reported the police.

The fatality was identified as Carlos Rivas, age 27, resident of Queens. He suffered fatal head trauma which was the cause of his death.

There was no explanation given if the driver and the victim were related as they have the same family names.

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