Interesting happenings in SEPTA


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    Interesting happenings in SEPTA


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      Accidents on the road are not the only happenings revolving around SEPTA’s world as there are other interesting events aside from vehicular crashes.

      Jan 26, 2013 – A naked man took a SEPTA bus ride which made some spectators believed that Adam had returned. A video from a mobile showed a man sans any article of clothing running around the street at the Kensington section. He was first seen standing on the front bike rack of a SEPTA Route3 near Tioga stop. After a while, he stepped down and walked away from the bus.

      Dec 25, 2012 – Toys for Tots is a drive in SEPTA’s Victory District in Upper Darby. Four years ago, it started as a small project encouraging a few SEPTA employees to be involved; today it had become a major undertaking.

      Initiators of the project, Hardy and Mahan were able to collect from their co-workers $1,900 making Victory District the highest contributor to SEPTA’s 2012 Yule Toy Drive.

      They purchased toys which are taken to the downtown headquarters in SEPTA Pennsylvania office. SEPTA staff will sort them out and then delivered to local agencies within the next couple of days. These bundles of love will gladden the Christmas of many kids.

      October 19, 2012 – There are times when a baby is born at the wrong time and in the wrong place. A baby boy was born not on the right nor left side of the track but on the track of the Broad Street Line of SEPTA.

      Loyd Rodgers, Police Officer who was with SEPTA for the last 12-year and another officer met a young woman on the escalator carry a baby wrapped around with her skirt. They realized that the baby had just been born. The cops instructed her to sit and gave them their cotton hoodie to wrap the little one.

      The 22 years old mother identified as Megan Rivers told them that she was riding the Board Street Line from culinary arts class when she experienced contractions. As she left the train, she felt that the baby just came out on its own. Even the umbilical cord had not been cut-off when they approached Rivers.

      Rodgers said that it was a miracle at Olney Stations as the baby did not cry and the new mother did not complain of pain. As they waited for the medic to arrive, the people in the stations were delighted and took pictures of the new born, including its brave mom.

      When the baby left the station with the medic, it was the time it cried because of the cold. The family of Rivers, from Warminster, told Rodgers that the baby’s father was in Turkey, but he was notable to ask if he was a resident or a member of the armed forces.

      SEPTA spokesperson, Heather Redfern, said mother and baby were deliveredto the Medical Center of Albert Einstein and were doing fine.

      The baby was not the first to be born on a public transportation nor was the SEPTA cops the first to help a mother delivering a baby.

      Thirteen years ago, a baby boy named Tahir Alsbrooks weighing more than seven pounds was born in a SEPTA bus’ back seat as it traveled Lehigh Avenue. The young mother was a student who going home from school.

      Christmas Day of 2007, Sgt. Steven Rocher a SEPTA police officer, was on his way to work. When he reached near Lehigh Avenue at 18th Street, he heard the scream of a woman and saw her about to give birth. With the assistance of the woman’s husband, Sgt. Rocher helped the woman delivered a baby girl right on the street.

      Three years ago – A Septa Bus Driver on a late shift noticed that one passenger who was still asleep or intoxicated did not leave the bus when everyone else left.. When he awaken the sleeping person, he discovered that the passenger was dead.

      On December 21, 2007, Frank Neisser, a prison inmate from Bucks County, was able to escape from jail and survived for almost a week he was concealed below the radar. He finally left his hiding place and attempted to board a bus in the busy street of Bensalem Twp.

      Bucks County Department of Corrections reported that Neisser was arrested at about half past 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon when he went abroad a SEPTA bus plying along Academy and Red Lion roads by Twp. police from Pennsylvania and Bensalem with the county corrections investigator. A resident, suspicious of the convict’s behavior, called 911. By late Thursday after, Neisser was returned to prison.

      February 6, 2013 – Authorities reported that a SEPTA bus collided with a car in the afternoon of Friday along Port Royal and Ridge Avenues in the neighborhood of Roxborough in Pennsylvania.

      The car was following a lane when for unknown reasons; it swerved to one side and crashed on the Route 9 bus.

      Three persons sustained injuries and were delivered to the hospital but police did not make their conditions known to the public.

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