Is there a hit-and-run crisis in Los Angeles?


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    Is there a hit-and-run crisis in Los Angeles?


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      Simone Wilson made an investigation for Weekly Standard regarding traffic problems in L.A.; and she discovered that hit-and-run is a major problem in the city. Every year, there are more than 20,000 hit-and-run accidents occurring in Los Angeles which should make city dads and motorists start to worry. Charlie Beck top man of LAPD was surprised by this phenomenon as he does not keep data and is unaware of the number of people injured or killed.  An activist in the Bicycle group, Alex Thompson reported that there are around 4,000 of the 20,000 annual hit-and-runs which are felonies.

      L.A. has made a ruling that in case a drive flees from the scene; after three years, he/she can no longer be arrested which is the main reasons of the hit-and-run epidemic in the city of angels.

      Mike Gatto who is a California Assemblyman for L.A. was shocked when he read the data that more than half of crashes in the city were comprised of hit-and-run. He promised to improve the limitation loopholes and announced that he will be submitting a bill that would take off the three-year limitation given for a hit-and-run case.

      Gato’s bill is extending the limitation of the statute of such offenses to around three years from the date of when felony is committed or one year after law enforcement identifies the suspect or whichever is later.

      South LAPD is searching for a hit-and-run driver who injured a 4-year-old child last Thursday afternoon and fled from the scene. The mishap happened around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon at 700 Block at West 82nd Street.

      The child was rushed to a local hospital sustaining bruises and cuts which are non-life threatening injuries. The child’s family had just parked the car across a resident when the child suddenly crossed the street. An oncoming car which was a black Yukon hit the child but the driver just sped away.

      The hit-and-run driver is now the object of a police search.

      The Police are also on the look-out for a hit-and-run operator who struck an elderly man along Paramount last Saturday which resulted to the victim’s death.

      The elderly victim was identified by the Police as Reuel De Villa, resident of Cerritos. At around 4:00 o’clock that morning, he was along Garfield Avenue near the westbound Freeway 105 changing the tire of his Jetta Volkswagen. He was struck by a rampaging Toyota 2007 Tunda.

      The impact was so immense that De Villa was hurled into the air.

      Witnesses told the authorities that the male driver halted, left the got car and then fled from the scene on foot. No one was able to see which direction he went.

      The victim died on the spot due to severe injuries.

      The police are conducting their investigation and asking any witness who can provide more information to contact them.

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