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A Law that issued tickets for vehicles not setting parking brake

Each time you get out of the car, do you set the parking brake every time? If not, there is a little-known law that you are breaking!

A mother said that a citation was received by her son for not being able to set his parking brake while his car was parked on a residential street. Sue Johnston said that she was shock that such a law is still practiced in Fort Worth.

But although the law is no longer remembered it is still there as the family found out about the hard way in Fort Worth’s section of Denton County.

At first, Sue Johnston laughed it off as a joke. She thought that it was not a serious offense to get a violation ticket for not setting a parking brake.

Last August, her son was issued a ticket for a parking infraction as he failed to set his brake while he was parked on a street classified as residential.

Thinking it was the work of a prankster, she did not pay the parking ticket until she got a notice that she has a delinquent violation and the amount increased to $55 instead of $30 that serves as penalty.

The Johnston’s family learned later that around seven or eight cars were issued citations for the same violation that Saturday, 24th of August at 1:51o’clock in the morning.

Her son was issued the ticket while he and several teen-friends were celebrating a birthday party at a Chadwick Farms neighborhood as Fort Worth that was near Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County.

Johnston said that the night was dark so how did the police know that the brakes in the vehicles were not set? Although, she respected the police who are only doing their duty but she, as well as the young people were not aware that such a law exists.

Since 1995, a law inTexas required drivers to set their parking brakes every time they leave their vehicle.

But such a law still exists that her son and his friends were issued a Fort Worth parking ticket late last August citing that parking on City Street without parking brake is a traffic violation.

It was too late that the Johnstons later learned that such law is still applicable. Johnston’s son and several teens who were celebrating a birthday party at a residence in Chadwick Farms located in Fort Worth all got a citation.

The original ticket had a penalty of only $30.00 but since it was ignored and remained unpaid, the final amount was $55.00 that included the penalty for delayed payment.

Many drivers have probably forgotten that such a law exists since 1995 that requires Texas drivers to set their parking brakes every time they leave their vehicle.

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