Road rage is common cause of road accidents


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    Road rage is common cause of road accidents


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      Studies discovered that many cases of road accidents happened due to a bizarre behavior called road rage; this behavior is common to more than half of all drivers. See below what a rage driver does.

      A couple in their senior years is the innocent by-stander of drivers exhibiting the road rage-complex. The driver hit the car of two elderly persons and left them injured. It was followed by a trail of six total vehicles damaged which led to the arrest of two men.

      According to Pennsylvania Police the incident started at around 3:45 on Tuesday afternoon when the operator of a Buick Blue Park Avenue slammed Nissan white Maxima along the intersection of City and 54th Avenue at a section of Wynnefield section causing a minor fender bender. However, the driver did not stop. Consequently, the Nissan owner identified as Andrae Salmon chased the Buick identified as Isaiah Mack who fled. Both vehicles were then running at top speed.

      After he drove a mile away at Block 2200 of Bryn Mawr Ave., Mack allegedly lost control of his car and hit heads- on the gold Accord Honda of an elderly couple: a 90 year-old driver and his 82-year-old wife. They sustained critical injuries and were transported to the area hospital. The man sustained broken ribs and chest injury.

      A student witness, Christian Warren was at the crash and saw the couple placed on stretchers on their way to the hospital. He said that the woman was crashed in between the cars as the impact was great.

      Investigators narrated that the chase continued until the Buick hit the Honda of an elderly couple right in front of the home of James Warren at Wynnefield within the vicinity of Nevada St., along Bryn Mawr Ave.

      Warren said that it is inhuman to hurt innocent people when drivers cannot control their anger.

      In the course of the chase, four cars in all were damaged.

      Witnesses saw the two suspects left their vehicles and started arguing; after a while the Nissan the driver of the Nissan got out a knife and pursued the Buick driver on foot as he sought shelter in a Produce Junction store.

      Alegre Boone, an employee of the Produce Junction store, said that he actually saw the knife. When Salmon entered the store he held the knife behind him. When got close to Mack, he tried to stab the Buick driver.

      The people inside the store were screaming to call the cops as they saw the driver pulling out the knife. Customer, Kitty B. Eisenburg said that she was so frightened that she drop her purchases and ran out of the store.

      The police responded and arrested the two drivers while the critically injured victims were taken to the hospital.

      The 86-year-old female Honda operator and her 90-year-old husband were delivered to the Hahnemann Hospital and medical staff was glad to give the news that the couple is now in stable condition. Burns-Eisenburg said that there should be more discipline in the road. Motorists must learn to respect each other and love each other.

      Emergency crew had cleared to clear the area before traffic is open.

      Pennsylvania Police were able to identify the two suspects who were taken into custody following a road chase and Wynnefield crash that resulted to the hospitalization of an elderly couple.

      The suspects are 29 years old Andrae Salmon, who resides at 2100 block of Medary St. in Pennsylvania, and 25 years old Isiah Mack, who lives at 2600 block of North 23rd St. in Pennsylvania. Both errant drivers are facing a list of charges including aggravated violence and hit-and-run.

      Road rage would get drivers nowhere except to jail.

      Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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      Source: NBC Pennsylvania Com (http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/breaking/Road-Rage-Chase-Leads-to-Crash-Innocent-Bystanders-Hurt-189906131.html)

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