High-tech license plate reader enhances road safety in Bucks County


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    High-tech license plate reader enhances road safety in Bucks County


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      The arrival of a high-tech license plate reader is a great step towards Police departments of Pennsylvania into the law enforcement’s future world. The step to the next level was made possible from the combined efforts of five counties comprising the Task Force of Southeast Pennsylvania Region with finances coming from the Homeland Security Department. Law enforcement officials proudly announced last Wednesday that they have purchased 38 pieces of license plate automatic readers and several computer servers.

      On the same day, the eight department of Pennsylvania County were the recipients of classroom and field training from the automatic readers of the Police Department at Lower Makefield.

      Police said that they hope to increase safety of the public and reduce the threats of security by making use of information across jurisdictions.

      This new technology will enable Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Pennsylvania police to read passing vehicles’ license tags.

      Police are confident that these automatic readers will greatly enhance the critical role of the police when it comes to public safety as it would pave an easy way to recognize wanted suspects, stolen goods and vehicles relating to Amber Alert.

      Missing persons and wanted criminals will be easily traced through this new technology. It would be great if this new technology can encourage people to drive carefully and observe traffic rules on the road.

      Less than a week after the start of February, A mother and daughter were killed in N.J. Merchantville’s high-speed crash while a Pennsauken man has been charged with the crime. The alleged drivers was identified as Keith Johnson, age 31, who was charged with Homicide by Auto on two accounts and one count of serious assault.

      Up to this time, Johnson is still recovering for his injuries from the accident but will be taken to custody when release from the hospital.

      Mother and daughter fatalities were identified as 36 years old Anada Medina, 36, and 18 years old Stephanie Garcia, 18, who were both residing in Cherry Hill. Family and friends of both women could hardly believe that they died in an afternoon crash a day before New Year.

      The tragedy took place at 3:45 in the afternoon of Monday just in front of the Elementary School of Merchantville at the corner of Russell and Chapel Avenues. . Investigation revealed that Medina and Garcia were in their car, a minivan Honda Odyssey when the car was hit by a Durango Dodge. Witnesses confirmed that the Durango operator was running the vehicle at a speed of100 mph in an area with a speed of only 25.

      The driver fled hurriedly towards the approaching traffic. A woman passenger of the other car also sustained injuries and was hospitalized.

      Still in Pennsylvania, police stated that a woman driver crashed her vehicle thru a fence at Philly’s International Airport on the early morning of February 5. She nearly collided with an airliner before 2:30 in the morning of Wednesday.

      Investigators said that the white SUV smashed across the perimeter of the airfield moving towards the maintenance facility in Tinicum Island Way and Scott Way.

      The SUV drove through the fence and halted within a few feet from a docked Airbus. The police responded to the call and they found a frightened but sober woman who was not injured from the crash. The police are trying to find the cause of her crash to the airfield. Obviously, alcohol was not a factor of the crash.

      No other person was injured but investigation is ongoing if the woman would have to face charges.

      Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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