All about SEPTA hybrid


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    All about SEPTA hybrid


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      Keeping the environment clean is an essential duty of vehicles on the road. SEPTA buses which lead commuter vehicles on the road have been spending millions of dollars in manufacturing and transforming its buses into hybrid vehicles which they claimed is green. For them, this is the answer to the cry for cleaner air since hybrid diesel buses emit cleaner emissions and do little to pollute the air. For their efforts, SEPTA was the recipient of the Gold Recognition by the American Public Transport Association. For hybrid advocates, the award supported their mission to keep the streets of Pennsylvania clean from air pollutions.

      However, Pennsylvania electric trolley advocates are hoping that instead of hybrid diesel buses and green washing the environment, SEPTA might alter its course towards the true path to sustainability by adopting a much quieter and freer emission electric trolleybuses.

      Some time ago, Pennsylvania streets abound electric trolleybuses which are a great source of civic pride in many cities. These clean and quiet transports do not use diesel although they are running on rubber tires but they use electricity from the dual copper overhead wires – powered by a combination of fossil fuels that are renewable energy – but this is not found on SEPTA hybrid buses.

      The cities of San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver run a fleet of electric trolley buses on their streets. Before 2003, Pennsylvania operated five electric trolleys – five in NE Philly and two in South Philly. All five routes were replaced with diesel buses.

      SEPTA refused an additional federal fund to purchase new trackless trolleys. A coalition of seven Pennsylvania community groups presented SEPTA their preference for electric trolley bus service but it was turned down. The reason was that it would cost $50 million to restore electric service. All other proposals were vetoed by SEPTA.

      Between straight diesel buses and hybrid buses, the latter have an improvement in emissions. However, recently, SEPTA has replaced four 100% pollution-free electric streetcar and electric trolleybus lines that are clean and quiet with green hybrid buses. This is not a step forward but a big backward step.

      The Toronto Transit Commission, four years ago, took exactly the same position but later they discovered that the huge battery packs installed to hybrid diesel buses were not reliable, and the bus manufacturer’s claim that it economizes fuel was way below that hybrid is supposed to deliver. Spokesperson from TTC spokesman accepted that fuel economy savings on hybrids is only 10% compared to the 20 to 30 percent cut promised by the manufacturer.

      Which is better on the road, economy-wise and environmentally wise: the hybrid diesel bus or the electric trolley? There has been a long-standing debate on these issues. The antis for electric, pro-diesel bus faction have gained the upper hand and they deny the need of any debate.

      The result was dismantling the electric street cars and electric trolley bus lines in Pennsylvania. It was taken over by diesel buses through the ‘70’s until the ‘90’s. Even until the 2000’s, Philly’s pro –diesel group were still on top hand. But no less than 40 of the progressive cities and towns all over the states have continued building their electric street car lines.

      Due to the two recent awards from APTA, advocators of hybrid diesel bus and SEPTA are feeling that they are vindicated and that only they are doing the right thing.

      Every day, SEPTA’s Route 40 bus is going around city block with green washing advertisements with the hybrid diesel bus roaring away.

      A hybrid diesel SEPTA bus has no amulet against road accidents. There will always be bus accidents on the road and SEPTA buses will be a part of them.

      Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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      Source: Hidden City Phila Org (http://hiddencityphila.org/2012/08/septa-not-as-green-as-theyd-like-you-to-think)

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