DUI crash prevalent in Delaware County accident report



DUI crash prevalent in Delaware County accident report

State Police reported that Delaware County for the month of December had recorded 1494 incidents which included: criminal offenses -136 & arrests – 97; crashes – 189; with fatal crash – 1; six DUI-related crashes; DUI arrests – 25; people injured in crashes -42; hit and run crashes- 22; citations – 602; and warnings – 510.

State Police cautioned all those inside a vehicle to wear a seat belt and not to leave any item inside vehicle in view; and also to lock homes and vehicles at all times. If a suspicious looking-character or any unusual activity is seen around the neighborhood, call the police immediately.

Burglary is a common a criminal offense but some people like to earn green bucks the easy way. Burglars devise the most ingenious strategies to go about their business. A good case was this unnamed burglar who has facilitated his entrance to a home in Beverly Lane, Edgmont Twp. by tearing down the drop ceiling and then removing a large quantity of copper piping. If anyone has information, give the police a call.

DUI crash is a common type of road accident for despite the admonition that liquor and driving are not compatible, the advice falls into many deaf ears. A woman-driver in Wilmington was apprehended for DUI after she crashed her car into a ditch at 11:45 o’clock in the evening of January 4 at the parking lot of Mackenzie at Rte. 1 in Concord Twp. Police stated she showed signs of alcohol impairment.

Here are other cases of DUI’s –

— A man from Glen Mills was apprehended for motor vehicle infringement at 11:45 o’clock in the evening of January 11 along Locksley Road at Thornbury. Police saw him showing signs of impairment and was soon arrested for DUI; he was under the influence of alcohol and other controlled substance.

–An operator from Aston was halted for violating vehicle code at the Concord Twp just at the intersection of Pole Cat Road and U.S. Rte. at 2:36 o’clock in the morning of January 11. Since the police saw that he was showing signs of impairment, he was arrested for DUI.

-A woman from the Media was stopped for a violation of the vehicle code at 3:12 o’clock in the morning of January 13 along Rte. 452 just at the south of Lenni Road in Middletown Twp. The police was sure that she was showing signs of impairment and was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol.

–A Wilmington man was stopped for driving violation on Rte 202 along Smithbridge Road in Concord TWP. at 2:30 o’clock in the morning of January 5. He was arrested for DUI as shown in the BAC.

Drug possession has always been considered an illegal offense yet violators always presumed that they can get away with it. A woman from Glen Mills and a man from Boothwyn were apprehended for possession of drugs and corresponding paraphernalia at 10:00 o’clock in the evening of January 3 at Leopard Run near Woodchuck Way in Concord Twp. after police stopped their vehicle for traffic violation.

Underage drinking is illegal for kids. Young people have to wait until they reach the legal age for drinking as allowed by the state. Police stopped a vehicle traveling on Rte. 1 along Brandywine Drive at Chadds Ford 1:40 o’clock in the morning of January 13 for vehicle violations. The passengers of the car were teeners and were reeking with alcohol; consequently, they were all arrested for underage drinking.

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