Seniors injured in car accidents


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    Seniors injured in car accidents


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      Houston – Based on a projection made by the Transportation Department of Houston, thousands of senior citizens will likely be victims of traffic accidents this year. There will be many fatalities unless the family will keep seniors from getting behind the wheel.

      Angie White stated that elderly parents feel that their freedom is deprived when they are not allowed to drive. She knew how heartbreaking it can be to tell your parent they could no longer drive. It really felt bad since you have seen your parents behind the wheels all your life.

      But White had a firsthand awareness what happened if you don’t stop an elderly loved one from driving. Her dad who is already 84 years old was responsible for a serious wreck but he actually expected to continue driving. Until one day, she took away the car keys and told him that his days behind the wheel are over. . Painful as it was, she knew it was the safest precaution as one day her father would get lost while driving as he had Alzheimer.

      Catherine Cook who is a counselor with the Area Agency of Harris County said that aging accidents and confusion are two of the biggest dangers that seniors shouldn’t be driving anymore.  The elderly are often confused how many miles they are from home and could not find their way back home.

      Other reasons that senior citizens should stop driving: they have hearing and vision problems. If a driver cannot see, he can no longer judge distances, Lorraine Millsap, who is 80 years old, said that she decided to stop driving when she could not see far objects. That was the time she realized that her driving days are over. s when I would quit driving immediately, Another good reason is that the elderly have slower reflexes and the risk involved in the issuance of excessive traffic tickets. Stella Alston, who is 86 years old, is proud to admit that she still drives herself to attend her work out sessions and anywhere she needs to go.

      Some of her workout classmates admitted that they had accidents but still drive.

      Seventy-five years old Leon Francis was involved in an accident and decided never to again. He is afraid that one day a car wreck would cost his life or someone else.

      Cook advised families that the best way to persuade a senior to stop driving is to talk with them and point out the dangers involved by an elderly person in operating a vehicle.

      If talking does not work, drastic measures may be applied; like taking away the keys or going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to put restrictions on the license..

      Many seniors realized the risk of driving but they cannot accept the feeling when driving privileges are taken away.

      Enola Rabotte, a senior driver, said that she would feel totally depress and even get sick if ever they would take away her license.

      Cook also added that if you take away an elderly’s driving privilege, you have to provide an option; like assigning a family member to bring the senior to places he/she wanted to go. But it is advisable to start monitoring the driving of a senior at 60.

      Safety Administration of the National Highway Administration said that persons over 65 are the fastest growing segment of the population so crash related deaths will surely rise.

      January 25, 2013

      State police reported that a woman, age 85 died as a result of a crash last Wednesday at Cut Off.

      The fatality was identified as Priscilla Leonard, resident of Larose. She was struck by a woman operator, identified as Tracey Griffin, age 28 and resident of Cut Off before 8:00 o’clock in the morning. Leonard was crossing the northbound lanes of La. 3235 from West 54 Street

      State police confirmed that a vehicular accident caused the death of an 85-year-old woman after she was hit by a car last Wednesday in Cut Off.

      The fatality, identified as Priscilla Leonard, resident of Larose, was driving s Ford 2010 Fusion and was trying to cross La. 3235 lanes from 54th West Street. Just before 8:00 o’clock that morning, she collided with the Jeep 2005 Wrangler driven by Tracy Griffin, 28, of Cut Off.

      The Jeep slammed on the left side of Fusion and both vehicles halted at the La. 2335 median.

      Leonard sustained life-threatening injuries which later caused her death the New Orleans University Hospital. Griffen was transported to the Hospital of the Lady of the Sea with only minor injuries.

      Both women were donning their seat belts, and authorities discounted alcohol as a factor for the wreck.

      January 06, 2013

      Five senior citizens were injured after a two-vehicle accident at the far west side of the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that the driver of a 2002 Chrysler 300 was traveling south along Billy Casper Drive when it tried to negotiate a turn left into Sun City Boulevard. The vehicle did not give way was hit by a 2006 Chevy Malibu.

      Five victims were delivered to the local hospitals sustaining from moderate to critical injuries. The injured ranged in ages from 72 to 84 tears.

      The mishap took place about a mile east of 1-235 in the intersection of West Cheyenne and West Lake Mead.

      Police is investigating the cause of the accident.

      Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages. Please consult with an experienced  Injury attorney now for free consultation.

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