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Pile-up collision is deadliest form of road accident

In many instances, a vehicular accident is a crash of more than two vehicles – this is colloquially called a pile-up. A pile-up accident can involve as many vehicles as hundreds which is happening worldwide. It is often occurring on routes that ran intense volume and top speed vehicles as in freeways. This is considered as the most deadly form of traffic accidents. Pile-up accidents can involve the participation of more than hundreds of vehicles.

February 24, 2013

Philadelphia – Before 6:30 o’clock Sunday morning, a multi-vehicle crash occurred which injured several passengers.

At least three women were transported to local hospitals sustaining various injuries after a pile-up crash at Glenwood and Germantown Avenues in North Philadelphia.

As the accident is still being investigated, there is no more information released about the incident.

February 2, 2013

Northeast Philadelphia – A pile-up crash involving four vehicles on Saturday morning at Northeast Philadelphia injured five people.

The mishap happened at about 7:00 o’clock in the morning in the vicinity of Red Lion Road along Roosevelt Boulevard.

A video footage was able to catch details of the incident. It showed that the vehicles rear-ended each other in a chain-reaction crash. There was no explanation showing one person being led away from the crash in handcuffs.

Authorities did not identify the person who handcuffed and led away from the scene. More information is expected at closure of the investigation.

January 10, 2013

Northeast Philadelphia – A pile-up accident involving several vehicles took place at 1-95 southbound. Among the multi –vehicles included in the crash the cruise of the Philadelphia Highway Patrol. Early Thursday morning, part of 1-95 southbound NE Philadephia was already blocked by the mishap.

The crash occurred a little after 5:45o’clockThursday morning south of Academy Road.

It appeared that there was no other injured, except the police officer who was transported to the Aria Hospital at Frankford. He complained of back and shoulder pain where he was treated and later released.

The lanes were closed for traffic for a time as crews worked to clear the scene.

No other information was given out as to the cause of the crash.

December 31, 2012

Last Sunday night, a multi-crash in West Philly caused the death of two people. Police confirmed that the pile-up crash in West Philly, Sunday night resulted to two fatalities. The crash occurred at around 10:45 o’clock in the evening at the corner of Haverford and 42nd Avenues.

According to the police, they brought at least two injured victims to the local hospital. It appeared that one male victim, age 25, was hurled out of the vehicle while the second 24 year-old male victim, was involved in a rollover.

No explanation was available on what caused the accident and exactly how many cars were involved.

Pile-ups often happen in areas which have poor visibility as operators at freeways are likely driving too close to the vehicle in front and not observing adjusting to the road conditions.

The difficulty when the car is going at high traffic speeds on the road, the driver will have a problem when one car stops suddenly and those cars behind it cannot stop in time; the result is hit the other cars in a domino effect mishap. As most of the roads have high traffic volume, more cars are forced brake and to skid; they will need to dart into other lanes and in front of oncoming traffic. This way, more vehicles get involved, creating a chain reaction effect.

Authorities find it difficult to determine the cause of a pile-up accident as it is often impossible to tell if negligence caused the accident. Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

Please consult with an experienced  Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer now for free consultation.

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